This Week in History by Jim Reed

Subject: Old Newspaper History from June 16, 1955 

TWIN CITY NEWS…Serving Fair. Co. Since 1887…June 16, 1955…Editor/Publisher James W. Hawthorne

>>>”Sealed proposals will be received by the Board of Education of the Liberty Union Local School District…on July 14, 1955, for the furnishing of the following equipment: Shop, Kitchen, Lunch Room, Home Economics Dept., Classrooms, Office Window Shades, Window Drapes, and Stage Curtain…” (writer’s note: Following the controversial construction of the “1917 Building” and the 1936-’37 construction of the auditorium/gymnasium complex, the next construction was the junior and senior high building completed in 1955. (writer’s note: The writer was a seventh grader in this wonderful new building during the ’55-’56 school year. Little did we know that during the 1980’s Hollywood would come calling and shoot scenes for the movie Mischief, much to the chagrin of many local viewers after the R-rated film was screened.)

>>>”The Twin City Stitchers met at the home of Harriett Hill Friday, June 10…(Members included) Judy Grover, Judy Blauser, Connie Switzer, Linda Schutz, Grace Raver, Marleen Hendershot and Judy White…”
(writer’s note: Though Baltimore and Basil had officially merged after WWII, several organizations and businesses retained the “Twin City” label. Do any readers know the name of any businesses–at least two–from Baltimore that currently use that label?)

Liberty Union School News:
>>> “Honor Roll Six Weeks…(including) Grade 2: Dale England, Glee Alison, Rodney Crist; Grade 3: Dickie Reed, Donald Craig, Carlene Bader, Diane Ewing; Grade 4: Marcia Hochradel, Karen McCafferty,  Larry Buchanan, Gary Roshon, Gary Miller, Pam Gierhart; Grade 5: Verne Ayers, David Friesner,  Lynn Fisher, Sharon Wells,  Butch Walton; Grade 6: Larry Foltz, Jimmie Reed, Judy Clum, Sharon Smeck; Grade 7: Ruth Ann Messerly, Harriett Hill, Ronnie Bibler; Grade 9: Patricia Mason, Donna Clark, James Craig, Tippy Walton; Grade 10: Linda Clark, Franklin Clum, Jackie Evans, Sally Wiley; Grade 11: Hugh Schaffner, Kay Wagner, Richard Wolfe, Rochelle Peck; Grade 12: Lynn Daft, Ann Shreyer, Kenneth Klinck, Robert Todd…”
(writer’s note: For Lion readers who do not find their names in this list, the Unsatisfactory List will be published in the near future!)
>>>”Liberty Union Band Banquet…The Third Annual Band Banquet was held in the basement of the Baltimore Methodist Church May 31…The Music Program (included among others): Trumpet Solo, ‘The Dancer,’ by Gale Hill and accompanied by Harriett Hill; Acrobatic Dance by Margaret Warner and accompanied by Mrs. Warner; ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ by Jeanne Leohner, Kay Ayers, Linda Switzer…Mr. George Saribalas, Band Director, presented the awards as follows: (including) 6th Grade Certificates–Emerson Shimp, Jane Mauger; First Year Certificates–Carolyn Fisher, Ruth Messerly, Patty Helmick, Walter Vannatta, Portia Wagner, Harriett Hill; Second Year Awards–Jerry Ayers, Polly Walton, Judy Orr; Band Awards–Barbara Fisher, Richard Wolfe, Trudy Fishbaugh,  Kay Wagner, Bob Springer,  Ned Young, Ted Young…”


May 22, 1919…TWIN CITY NEWS…Baltimore&Basil “In Unity There Is Strength” E.O. WEIST  Editor& Publisher

>>>”The commencement exercises of the Liberty Union Village High School will be held Thursday afternoon and evening, May 29. The names of the graduates are…(4 boys, 10 girls)…There will be ample room at the building but the seats have not and will not arrive in time for the sessions. All school children will be asked to take their own chairs from their homes. The churches, lodges and homes in both towns will be asked to loan their common chairs for the purpose of seating the people.  Be sure to mark your name on the underneath side of the seat before it leaves your home…” (writer’s note: The 1917 class had graduated in a tent. The Liberty Union Village School District was formed in 1916 from the UNION of the Baltimore and Basil Village Schools both located in LIBERTY Township. The district was not authorized until the 1919-1920 school year. The doors were opened September 2, 1919. On March 19, 1920, a charter was granted and on May 20 diplomas were issued for the first time from LIBERTY UNION H.S.)

May 27, 1920…TWIN CITY NEWS…

Commencement Week at Liberty Union Schools:
>>>”The Liberty Union class of 1920 graduated on Thursday evening, May 20, in the Liberty Union auditorium…(writer’s note: The auditorium in the “1917 Building” was just north of the infamous administrators’ offices that split the 1917 building right down the middle and the revised legal boundary between Baltimore and Basil that had been established to garner support for the new district and building from the feuding Twin Cities.)…”There were seventeen graduates in this first official class of 1920 (eleven girls and six boys)…Elizabeth Vincent, Olive Spitler, Rafe Koontz, Dot Schenck, Lucille Creed, Leonard Roshon, Ray Roshon, Joseph Cook, Helen Kumler, Vivian Boyer, Lillian Leonard, Grace Hoskinson, Florence Bish, Dorothy Holder, Leda, Van Arsdalen, Joy Abdella and Caude Friesner.” (writer’s note: Notice the last names that were prominent enough to become well-recognized street and road names.)
>>>”The third annual reunion of the Liberty Union Alumni Association was held  in the Liberty Union auditorium, Friday, May 21st, 1920, at 8 o’clock P.M….after the 156 members were seated…Miss Clara Price gave a very illuminating and entertaining essay of the Baltimore Village  School class of 1889…”
(writer’s note: The old Baltimore and Basil Village Schools were both built circa 1883. The Baltimore school was built where the Griley House Complex is currently. Bricks from that school were used to build the cookie cuttrer houses for executives of the paper mills across Park Street from today’s Johnson Park. The Basil School was located within the confines of today’s Basil Park. Willis Miller, renowned and beloved retired  educator who lives adjacent to the park, states that the foundation of the old Basil school can still be seen during dry spells in the summer.)

Memories of The Civil War:                                                                                                                                           >>>”We are indebted to Mr. Adam Roley of Basil for the following list of names of “boys” of this vicinity who were members of the First Ohio Cavalry in the Civil War. Twenty four boys from the vicinity and at this time only three are living…Those living are Benjamin F. Harner, Abraham Fritz and Adam Roley…”

Wednesday, May 24, 1967… BALTIMORE NEWS…Publishers Franklin R. and Jacquelin V. Hatcher

Boy Scouts Making Plans for Summer
>>>”Troop 187 will march in the Memorial Day Parade…Scoutmaster Jesse Welker said that the troop had been invited to help excavate an Indian mound near Bremen.”

the lions’s den (by Glenna Sims)
>>>”Following commencement on June 11, the seniors will be leaving Baltimore at 11:00 p.m. via the Lake Shore air-conditioned chartered buses. They will travel route 40 and Interstate 70 to New Stanton, Pennsylvania, and then on to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, arriving in Gettysburg at 7:30 a.m….depart Gettysburg at 11:00 a.m.. for Washington D.C….On Wednesday, June 14, a departure time for New York City is 4:00 a.m. (Believe me, I didn’t get my a.m.’s and p.m.’s mixed up.)…The tired but happy group of seniors should arrive in Baltimore at approximately noon on Friday, June 16…Now since you have taken the tour with the seniors you can understand why they return bedraggled-looking…”

>>>”…Following the chorus program, Randy Miller, as spokesman for the choral group, presented Mrs. Beatrice Orr, elementary music teacher, with a gift in appreciation of her work in laying the base of musical education for most of the members of the present chorus…”

Wednesday, May 31, 1967…BALTIMORE NEWS…

>>>”Erle Welde, a 1942 graduate of Liberty Union High School in Baltimore, Ohio, will be the toastmaster for the 25th anniversary class at the school’s annual alumni banquet on June 10th… Welde is a veteran of WWII…and is a career broadcaster (currently) in St. Petersburg, Florida…”

Co-Valedictorians Named at LU
>>>”The 1967 class of Liberty Union High Schoool will have co-validictorians, Miss Pamela Reed, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Reed, Jr….and Miss Patricia Fisher, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Fisher…(they) will share honors June 11…”

100 to Graduate at LU
>>>Liberty Union will be graduating its largest class to date…(from Sharon Ann Abbott to David Young)”

LU Commencement Speaker Announced
>>>”Mr. Raymond L. Waller…Mr. Waller is an education and research officer stationed at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama…”(writer’s note: There is little doubt each membert of the ’67 class will recall the speaker’s name and remarks.)

Miss Patty Fisher (PHOTO)                                                                                                                 >>>LUHS senior, received both Arion Awards at Friday night’s annual band and chorus awards dinner…accepting the band award from Mr. Robert Dubois. Mrs. Lillian Fast made the presentation for the chorus award.”

LU HONOR ROLL (Grade 12)
>>>”All A’s…Gloria Blakeman, Patty Fisher, Cindy Jackson, Mallory Lambert, Melinda Lehman, Randy Miller, Pam Reed, Bill Robinson, Jane Roshon, Glenna Sims, Elsie Stephenson, Don Tussing, Beth Jackson…Honorable Mention…Rhonda Addison, Beverly Cahill, Darlene Clum, Harold Crutcher, Mark Hedges, Kathy Hochradel, Dianne Kinser, Rhonda Long, Linda Smyers, Tamaya Torrence, Steve Wilson, Pat Wollam (writer’s note: Anyone remember the “Unsatisfactory List?”)

LU Scores in State Meet (by Jim Hodsden)
>>>”The LU thinclads (track) finally broke the spell which has vexed them for over twenty years. Up to this time LU had not scored one point in a State Track Meet since 1930…Rick Hawkins picked up four points…other participants were Eugene Miller and Ron Kocher…This has been a great year for ..the track team (and Coach Lee Barr)…The Lions won every dual and triangular meet and the Central District title…)

Dave Young Named to All-Star Team
>>>”Dave Young, LU senior, has been selected to appear in the annual East-West Baseball All-Star games at Jet Stadium in Columbus. This is the equivalent to being named All-Ohio in baseball.” (writer’s note: Coach Mark Wylie was Young’s baseball coach during his career.)

Randy Miller Receives J. Franklin Miller Award
>>>”Randy Miller, LU senior, received the J. Franklin Miller Scholar-Athlete Award for Fairfield County. J.
Franklin Miller coached at LU. Carroll, and Pleasantville.”  (writer’s note: Coach Miller was released from his basketball contract at LU and later led the Pleasantville Panthers to the State Finals.)

May 20, 1898…TWIN CITY NEWS (IN UNITY THERE IS STRENGTH)…E.O. Weist Editor/Proprietor

>>>”Professor Charles Christian (C.C.) Miller, late school commissioner, and a native of this place, has been re-elected superintendent of the Lima Public Schools for two years at an annual salary of $2400.”  (writer’s note: In 1912 Miller would publish a History of Fairfield County, Ohio, and Representative Citizens.  He was an administrator in the local schools. The Baltimore School was within the grounds of the Griley square and the Basil School was on the current grounds of the Basil Park.)
>>>” ‘Cook’s Best’ Flour has reached an enormous sale in this vicinity. It is winter wheat flour of the finest grade, and is bound to be a leader. For sale at all stores in Basil and Baltimore and B.F. Kumler’s , Baltimore.” (writer’s note: Mr. and Mrs. D.S. Cook had just recently moved to Basil and opened D.S. Cook and Co. at the north end of Oak Alley. Local historian Lewis Cook was their first child, born a couple years later.)
>>>”At the meeting of the School Board, Wednesday evening, the following teachers were hired for the ensuing  year: E.C. Hedrick, Supt.; Grammar, M.C. Brooks; Intermediate, Miss Della Courtright; Primary, Miss Alice Holder.” (writer’s note: The Holders were a well-respected farm and educator family. The road off E. Market St. is named in their honor.)
>>>”The Baltimore Band expects to erect a band stand on Main St. and near the center of town and will give concerts during the summer evenings, especially on Saturdays. This is an enterprise on the part of the band that should receive substantial support from our businessmen and citizens in general. There is nothing like good band music to enliven things.”
>>>”For Summer Underware, C.M. Wagner & Co.”
>>>”They must go at some price in the next ten days, about 25 cents per pair of odds in shoes. At the Peoples Store.”
>>>Rev. “G.H. Leonard and Miss Mary Langel, Mr. F.G. Houser and wife, of Columbus, were the guests of Mrs. T. Watson, Sunday.” (writer’s note: If you’re wondering whether Rev. Leonard was part of the family after which Leonard Road was named, you would be correct.)

>>>”Miss Anna Koontz is able to leave her room, again, after a severe attack of measles.”
>>>”The Basil Base Ball Club will meet on Friday evening, May 20, to organize.”
>>>”Mrs. G.W. Kumler is busy at present, plating some lots in “Kumler Place,’ east of Maine (Mayne Addition)) City (and Oak St.) and will build dwellings thereon…Good houses are always in demand.” (writer’s note: Yes, another family name important enough to warrant a street naming.)

Decoration Day:
>>>”The following committees were appointed to decorate the graves of deceased soldiers that have been interred in the different cemeteries…” (writer’s note: The end-of-May recognition of fallen soldiers during the Civil War and Spanish-American War was referred to as Decoration Day, today’s Memorial Day.)

>>>”Another Call Will Likely Be Made In A Few Days. Get in the regiment that is nearly completed. Mr. James Brandt informs us that the company  now being organized at Carroll, will be composed of picked men, and is desirous of getting at least part of the company from the Twin Cities…”

>>>”The account of George W. Moss, as guardian of Alcorn Reed, an idiot, having been settled, the said guardian resigned said trust.”

>>>”The Ohio National Gurard: boys will receive the same pay per month as in the regular army, which is as follows: Private soldiers, $13.00…” (writer’s note: This monthly pay was the same as that paid to a Union Civil War private, unless they were a Negro who earned $10.00.)

YELRAH (Stoudertown) Scraps:
>>>”Mrs. Israel Blauser and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Otto Blauser, visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Blauser, near Baltimore, last Sunday.”

>>>”Mother Kagy of Thurston, was a guest of Miss Addie Kagy, of this place, last Sunday.” (writer’s note: “this place” in the above is reference to “Midway” which was–and still is to some long-time residents–the part of the present-day Baltimore that is between–midway–the Twin Cities of Baltimore and Basil. Sims-Baker Insurance is in “Midway.”)

May 7, 1942… TWIN CITY NEWS (Baltimore and Basil) “LOYAL TO YOUR BEST INTERESTS…IN UNITY THERE IS STRENGTH”…MRS. O.E. WEIST Editor and Proprietor; MADGE BEYER Associate Editor

THE SPOTLIGHT: Lillian Brison
>>>”AN AMERICAN IS BORN…That’s the name of our (Liberty Union) senior play…The following people make up the cast: Wayne Keiser, Vietta Poff, Lillian Brison, Erladeen McBee, Lois Kohler, Jimmy Kellner, Earl Welde, George Stilwell, Patty Mason, Bette Bryan, Walla Chase, Marna Fishbaugh…The play will be given this Friday evening May 8, at 8:15. The admission is only 25 cents plus tax for adults, 15 cents plus tax for children…”

>>>”Mrs. Ina Fritz has accepted the position as receptionist in the office of Dr. S.C. Sneeringer, Baltimore.”
>>>”Mr. Harry Broyles and wife of Thurston called on his old friend J.P. Gierhart and wife Sunday afternoon.”
>>>”Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Smart (writer: The Smart family founded the local paper mills in 1893) of Columbus called on Dr. and Mrs. C.M. Alt Sunday.

>>>”Miss Ruth Messerly left Sunday for Dayton where she has accepted a position.”
>>>”Mr. and Mrs. Worth Harder, Basil, spent the week-end as guests of Sgt. D.W. Unkle and Mrs. Unkle in Wilmington.”

>>>”Fred Van Buren was elected president…For the afternoon musical program, George Stilwell, George Foltz and Henry Foltz played Hawaiian guitar selections…The male quartet, Harold Weaver, D.D. Eibler, Cyril Sims, and Martin Sims sang…”

photo: As the U.S. was heavily involved in WWII at the publishing of this issue, several advertisements and public service announcements appealed to the readers’ patriotism. This PSA was an example of a local railroad agent’s appeal to order coal now for the upcoming winter to alleviate the expected heavy military presence on the railroads during the winter season.

Thursday, February 14,1929 Twin City News …E.O. Weist Editor and Proprietor Drifting where

An Assault on Ketner’s Corner:
—(writer’s note–This story details a prank played by some friends on Rev. and Mrs. M.M. Rader at their home south of Baltimore. The Raders responded to the TCN and their friends led by J.R. Johnson and included A.E. Johnson, Earle Johnson, Dale Orr, Mrs. James Weaver and Mr. and Mrs. Chester Langel near Ketner’s Corner) …”It is pleasing to report there were no serious casualties attending this hubdub…’Well we don’t know who was responsible for all this cuttin’ up but we got the names of every last bugger of ’em that had a mix in the fracas, and we have got our courage screwed up to the point where we just dare ’em to do it agin…Uncle Merit and Aunt Mary Rader.’ “
“A Triple Header was staged on the Liberty Union Basketball floor (‘Pit’) last Friday night.  The Young Mohicans of Basil defeated the Wyandots of Baltimore 9 to 6 in a preliminary game.  In the second game the Liberty Union Independent Girls Team defeated the Carroll Independent Girls Team by a score of 8 to 5…The local Y.M.C.A (men’s) Team …came through with some fast playing and accurate shooting by Laver, Weller, and Mason to win 32-19.” (writer’s note–The box score indicates the local  Y.M.C.A team was referred to as “Basmore.” Apparently , this was one of the many ‘union’ names for Basil and
Baltimore, the Twin Cities.)
Poplar Creek P.T.A.:
—“The Poplar Creek P.T.A. met at the school February 1…(Participants):Reading—‘When Grandpa Was
A Boy’–Russell Reef; ‘Jokes’—Beatrice Steiger; ‘A Hog Calling Contest”; ‘The Golden Slippers’—The Melody Boys Old Time Orchestra of Basil (Sam Roley-Violin, Clyde Heistand-Accordian, Clarence Foltz-Banjo and Guitar, Ed McDaniel-Banjo and Mandelin)…Will Macklin was elected President and Audrey Foltz Secretary…”
—“Neal Klump and and family called on Mrs. Meda Geil and Mrs. Emma Weisner.”
—‘(LU) Supt. N.W. Frasure has been reemployed as Superintendent of the Liberty Union Schools.”
—“Chicken Noodles and the trimmings at the M.E. Church Basement Saturday evening Feb. 23rd-all for 50c—-“The W.C.T.U. will meet next Thursday, February 14th, at 2:00 o’clock with Mrs. Ed Outcalt.”
—“Miss Irene Leonard spent the weekend at the Xi Delta House, Ohio University.”
—“Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Yeager entertained to Sunday dinner Dr. and Mrs. Frank Goss and sister Bertha…”
YELRAY: (Stoudertown)                                                                                                                                           …Mrs. —“Mrs.Ella Stouder spent part of last week with her daughter…”
—“Jacob Eversole and daughter Grace called on Russell Eversole and family Sunday…”
—“Little Rosemary Murphy who was ill last week is improving.”
—“Zoe Speaks spent Saturday and Sunday in Pleasantville with her grandparents, Mr.and Mrs. Martin Broyles.”

—“Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Bickel and son Lester spent Friday in Newark guests of Mrs. James McCrum and Miss America Bickel.”


Baltimore Newspaper History: March 16, 1894 

White Rat Theory:
(Writer’s note—This is a follow-up from last week’s April 6, 1933, article in The Twin City News written by local dairyman H.L. Snider.  The issue in the story was the then-current debate over Certification or Pasteurization of raw milk. Snider was a proponent of the latter and had been engaged in a lengthy argument with a business competitor (unnamed) and Certification advocate.  The following is part of Snider’s rebuttal he promised readers in the April 6 issue: “Certified and ordinary raw milk made the question up until Pasteurization stepped in…Positive Pasteurization destroys harmful bacteria in the milk without destruction to the product as a food…All experiments proven thus far show a greater favor for Pasteurization in each and every respect…In regards to the White Rat Theory, I have the full experiment as it was worked out by,,,(three researchers) at Ohio State University…The experiment shows and proves Pasteurization the greater in all respects…I have the picture of the rats and would be glad to show them to anyone…(It shows) that the experiment run in our Twin City News  by a competitor is antique and not recognized by Ohio State University, nor anyone else…I will try hard to meet public demand…and sell my product without using propaganda, a hard-luck story, a misrepresentation or without having  (10) ten different prices on it…Respectfully, H.L. Snider”
FAIRFIELD COUNTY NEWS…March 16, 1894… E.O. Weist Editor and Proprietor
Base Ball:
—“The first base ball contest of the season came off Friday, March 2, between the Bope’s Nine of Pleasant tp. and the Havensport club. The game was played at Bope’s Corners (SR 37 and Pleasantville Road). The game closed at nine innings when the score stood 9 to 16 in favor of Bope’s…David Wolf as umpire gave universal satisfaction by his fair and impartial rulings…The boys  (from Havensport) failed to get onto Gus Bope’s left handed curves.”
Robbed And Deserted:
—“The following telegram was received by Marshal C.C. Coy yesterday that has reference to two young people of our village…Cincinnati, O., March 14, ’94…To Marshal of Baltimore, O….Stella Funk in our charge without money. Charles Clinger deserted her. What shall we do with her? Clinger stole her money…PHIL DESTSCH-Supt of Police…Rumors of the elopement of the above couple has been talked of for the past week…It is supposed Miss Funk had in her possession about $100 which she had received for selling her piano…The occurrence is to be deplored on account of the aged parents of the accused, who are highly respected by our citizens.”
Thurston Notes:
—“The young people of this place, not being satisfied with two dances a week and church every night, formed…a glee club…”
—“Messrs. Herbert Bope and Ernest Turley went to Basil Sunday on their wheels.”
—“Mr. Charles and Miss Julia Turley went to the school entertainment at Baltimore Saturday night…”
Spooks Corners: (writer’s note: Any reader know the exact location of this site?)
—“Ruben Fisher…a boy of about fifteen years of age met with quite an accident last Wednesday while hunting. He placed the gun on the toe of his boot…the gun was accidentally discharged, blowing off one of his toes.”
—“NOTICE–Lost, strayed or stolen, a small boy about the size of a man, One Geo________ when last seen was going down the Pitcher road Sunday evening. Finder please return to his mother and receive reward…RAMBLER”
—“Johnny Crooks was calling on his girl Sunday evening again.”
—“Fresh Deep Sea Oysters, every Saturday, until close of season at W.R. Price’s.” (ad photo)
—“America blue and brown callicoes at 5 cents per yard at A. Hansberger & Co’s.”
—“The list of names published two weeks ago of those giving to the poor of Columbus…a number were omitted by several of the lists being lost… If any were missed , we would like for them to hand in their names…We have…W.R. Price, A.T. Keller.”
—“Dr. Johnson extracts teeth without pain by the new process, without sleep…Office Baltimore.”
—“Several of our citizens have been busy cutting down the old locust trees…nothing makes a town look neater than beautiful shade trees…”
—“The Cantata ‘David The Shepherd Boy,’ that was acceptably rendered at the Bright’s Church, will be given again at the Basil School hall Friday evening, March 23…admission 10 cents-reserved seats 15 cents.”
—“Adam Poff is remodeling the interior of his confectionary and barbershop.”
—“The entertainment given at the school hall last Saturday evening by the scholars of the high room, was of a very good character. The Ballad ‘Three Old Maids’…The net proceeds–$26–will be used toward purchasing an organ…new scenery from next performance’s proceeds.”

Jim N. Reed   ( corresponding ad photos including a 1894 typo of misspelling of BAKTIMORE)